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Victoria Alexander NY Times/USA Today
Bestselling Author

Rebecca York NY Times/USA Today
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Angela Knight NY Times/USA Today
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Aliyah Burke USA Today
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Jami Brumfield New York Times
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Lane Hart New York Times
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Melissa Stevens New York Times
Bestselling Author

I Want to be an RNC2016 Panelist

You Want to be a 2016 RNConvention Panelist
Use this page to submit to any panels you want to be a panelist on - your answers below will be posted for attendees to see. All panels are 60 minutes with 10 minutes between to allow breakdown/set-up time for any displays, handouts, etc., and to give attendees a break before their next panel or class.
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Authors: To give reward for paying your dues of hard work and long hours of learning and excelling in your craft, all New York Times and/or USA Today Bestselling Authors will have their 2016 RNConvention registration fee waived (as well as their spouses) if they teach a class and/or participate on a panel to share their knowledge (more than one class is preferred, but at least one is required). Don't wait until just before the convention as all time-slots for classes will be filled by then and the offer will no longer apply.
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