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RNC2014 RNClasses

RNC2014 RNClasses
PRESENTING Anne Perry (New York Times & USA Today Bestseller) & Victoria Zackheim
CLASS TITLE In Discussion: Writers Taking Risks
DESCRIPTION Anne & Victoria discuss, in a very exciting and inspiring conversation with each other, taking risks, how to write, how to get published, how to be confident about the process of writing.
PRESENTING Angela Knight (New York Times & USA Today Bestseller)
CLASS TITLE Brainstorming to Revision: The Process of Creating an Erotic Romance
DESCRIPTION During this class, New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight demonstrates the techniques she uses in creating an erotic romance, while actually in the process of writing an e-book. The class is designed to help new authors better understand one method of writing a romance, while giving more experienced writers useful ideas about how to go about the creative process.
PRESENTING Angela Knight (New York Times & USA Today Bestseller)
CLASS TITLE From Mild To Wild: Creating Sex Scenes That are More Than the Same Old Bump and Grind
DESCRIPTION Many writers groan when they have to write sex scenes. “It’s all tab A in slot B! It’s boring!” A New York Times bestselling author of erotic romance shows how to write love scenes that will inspire anything but yawns. Topics include: how to use love scenes to develop characterization, conflict, and the growth of the romance. She’ll also cover how to create a range of sensuality, from sweet to erotic. If you’ve ever wondered how to give your love scene that extra sparkle, she’ll provide valuable hints.
PRESENTING Angela Knight (New York Times & USA Today Bestseller) & Fiona Jayde (Fiona Jayde Media)
CLASS TITLE Kung Fu Writing
DESCRIPTION Join award winning author Angela Knight and kick-ass heroine enthusiast Fiona Jayde for tips, tricks and techniques in writing fight scenes, action scenes and kick-ass heroine scenes. Whether your fictional weapon of choice is a fist, a sword or a laser beam, this fun panel will arm you with tools to thrill.
PRESENTING Sharon Hamilton (New York Times & USA Today Bestseller)
CLASS TITLE Audio Books: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
DESCRIPTION Are audio books in your future? Sharon Hamilton breaks down some of the things you need to consider before launching into this new art form. How do you select a narrator? What does it cost? How do you market them? Do you have to change your manuscript for audio narration? How does it work and what kinds of rules and expectations do you and the audio producer/narrator have and how do you establish them? What makes a good narration? Do you want multiple narrators? Sharon will be bringing a narrator to the class for questions and to help with the presentation from the narrator’s point of view.
PRESENTING Sharon Hamilton (New York Times & USA Today Bestseller)
CLASS TITLE Audio Books: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
DESCRIPTION Are audio books in your future? Sharon Hamilton breaks down some of the things you need to consider before launching into this new art form. How do you select a narrator? What does it cost? How do you market them? Do you have to change your manuscript for audio narration? How does it work and what kinds of rules and expectations do you and the audio producer/narrator have and how do you establish them? What makes a good narration? Do you want multiple narrators? Sharon will be bringing a narrator to the class for questions and to help with the presentation from the narrator’s point of view.
PRESENTING Cheryl Bradshaw (New York Times & USA Today Bestseller)
CLASS TITLE Twitter 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Marketing
DESCRIPTION Learn the best strategies of having a Twitter account, how to use it effectively and to your advantage, the do’s and don’ts that will have you gaining followers instead of losing them, common author mistakes, how to promote your work on Twitter and promote yourself and your brand, how to schedule tweets, tips on interacting with followers, and getting more mileage out of your tweets through favorites, retweets, and fan clicks.
PRESENTING Jimmy Thomas (,, Founder & CEO)
CLASS TITLE Stock Images: Selecting, Cleaning, Editing & Cropping – Which, What, Why & Where
DESCRIPTION Your cover needs to inflict emotions to your potential readers, and your cover image(s) will determine whether this happens or not. Learn how to select the best cover image(s), what makes them great, good, ok or bad, what should be cleaned and edited and why, and the strong importance of image cropping. Discover the real reasons for headless covers, learn all about image copyrights, who actually has the rights to sell you their images, what you can and cannot do with them, to how to properly combine images together, avoiding the super-imposed amateur look, and the most common faux pas that give, and leave, bad impressions.

Jimmy’s success with his RNC businesses is due to the “emotional response/reaction” his work inflicts on the consumer.

“It’s all about the visual and emotional stimulation that your service or product gives.”
– Jimmy Thomas

PRESENTING Jimmy Thomas (,, Founder & CEO)
CLASS TITLE Product Packaging: Judging a Book by its Cover and Why
DESCRIPTION Learn how your novel cover (product packaging) helps or hurts your reputation and novel sales, from the selection of your cover image, to knowing, and understanding, the primary focus points of the creation of your cover, as well as the importance of colors, fonts and text size, choosing digital-and-print or digital-or-print, and understanding what/who is responsible for, and directing, your novel sales. Whether you are a professional cover artist, an aspiring or amateur cover artist, or neither, understanding why your cover is so important to your sales, reputation, career and success, to knowing and understanding what makes a cover shine over others, how the subconscious mind plays the biggest role in, not decision-making, but grabbing your attention, this class will teach you things you never even thought of, considered or knew.

Jimmy’s success with his RNC businesses is due to the quality level of his “product packaging”.

“It’s not about having consumers go to you for your service or product, it’s about giving them confident reason to go to you over any other.”
– Jimmy Thomas

PRESENTING Jimmy Thomas (,, Founder & CEO)
CLASS TITLE Success: Branding, Marketing & Self-Promotion
DESCRIPTION Learn what branding is and what it takes to create your own brand, how to market yourself and self-promote, using pen names vs. real names and when, the power of domain names and websites, presenting yourself to the public-your customers to earn their respect, the do’s and dont’s of social media and using it to your benefit, swag that works best for you, networking, and offering coupons/giving away your novels away for free.

Jimmy’s success with his RNC businesses has been due to his sense for branding.

“It’s not how many people you know, it’s how many people know you.”
– Jimmy Thomas

CLASS TITLE The Rebel and the Trendsetter
DESCRIPTION Join award winning cover artist Fiona Jayde in a discussion about current design trends in romance; the pros and cons of setting or following an established trend; and when to let out your inner rebel.
PRESENTING Tracey Lyons/Tracey Sorel
CLASS TITLE The Making of a Pseudonym
DESCRIPTION In this fast changing industry authors have to work hard to continually keep a presence with an ever changing readership. This workshop will cover topics from knowing when and if you should use a pseudonym, to how to keep them straight without going crazy. Using examples from some successful and some not so successful authors’ attempts with using a different name, Tracey will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of pseudonyms. Topics covered will be; how and why she came up with the name Tracey Sorel. The value and pitfalls of separate Facebook author pages, email address, websites, and newsletters. When is a good time to cross promote and when it’s better to keep the names segregated. What does it mean legally when you use a pseudonym? And perhaps the most important topic of all, how to make your brand stick when using different names. Tracey will wrap up with a report on how her pseudonym is working for her career now.
CLASS TITLE A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing
DESCRIPTION You’ve done it. You’ve finished writing your book. You’re ready to publish. You think. Where do you go for an editor? Do you even need an editor? Where do you find a good cover artist? Do I need a publicist? This class will help guide you through the scary process of publishing your book from start to finish, providing attendees with info on the good, bad, and ugly sides of self publishing.
PRESENTING Victoria Danann
CLASS TITLE Indie Writing as a Business: Marketing, Promotion, Social Media
DESCRIPTION Opportunities for Indie authors are limitless if you’re industrious and you know how to establish your brand, where to most effectively invest your promotion budget, when to release, how to release, how to manage Amazon algorithms and other distribution channels and how to utilize blogger resources to your best advantage. Plus numerous other inside tricks of the trade.
PRESENTING Victoria Danann
CLASS TITLE The Art of Writing Reviews
DESCRIPTION Every review counts and most authors read each one. Reviews are more powerful than you think. They don’t just persuade potential readers to either read or not read, they affect a book’s rankings which in turn affects visibility which in turn affects sales. Do’s and don’ts when writing reviews for a blog. Do’s and don’ts when writing reviews for a retailer.
PRESENTING Lindsay Downs
CLASS TITLE Being a Man in a Woman’s World
DESCRIPTION Being a romance author isn’t about what gender you are, it’s about what’s in your mind and heart. When I set out to start writing I didn’t choose the genre, instead it chose me. For several years I hid from the public letting them think what they wanted about me. Even to this day many readers and reviews think I’m a woman, all because of my name. My typical response- guess my parents always knew I’d be a romance author. Stop by and learn of my interesting journey from writer to bestselling author.
PRESENTING Richard Devin
CLASS TITLE Negotiations for Authors, Agents and Publishers
DESCRIPTION Do you want to improve your negotiation skills? Rich Devin, an experienced negotiator and educator, will be offering practical lessons that will enable you to quickly identify the other side’s strategies, allowing you to defend yourself and ensuring a better negotiation for all involved. Discover: Reasonable and Ridiculous, Free Costs Too Much, Don’t Turn a Buyer into a Shopper, Ask and Ask Again . . . and so much more. It makes absolutely no difference if you negotiate for a major corporation, with a big named publishing house, or at garage sales – you will become a better negotiator.
CLASS TITLE Military Familiarization for Writers
DESCRIPTION Adam Fenner, an 11 year veteran of the US Marine Corps and the Army National Guard, discusses the basics of military life in an easy to understand format for civilian writers looking to incorporate the military into their works. Topics covered will include rank structure, an explanation of the various branches, weapons familiarization (terms and use), jargon, and general military culture.
PRESENTING Lance Taubold
CLASS TITLE Writing with a Partner
DESCRIPTION Are two heads really better than one? Authors discuss what every author duo needs to know before they embark upon their literary journey together. Discussing various techniques, how to maximize available technology, and the legal aspects. As well as talking about the challenges and benefits of writing with a partner.
PRESENTING Victoria Vane
CLASS TITLE Audio books: A New Indie Frontier (Audiobooks for Indie Authors)
DESCRIPTION The consumer love of mobile electronic devices has resulted in a huge increase in demand for audio books which also presents a new opportunity for Indie authors. This workshop, presented by an author with eight audio book titles, explains the step-by-step process of finding a narrator and producing an indie title in audio book format.
CLASS TITLE Writing Sexual Tension
DESCRIPTION This hands-on craft workshop will cover what happens when there is an attraction between two people, a heightened awareness of that attraction and the resulting conflict caused by opposing goals and opposing emotional paths. The class will take us from when our characters first make eye contact, through first touch, and explore the steps to intimacy as well as when and how to break the rules: a. Character and Internal conflict, b. Character actions and reactions, c. Use of senses and dialogue, d. Body language & eye contact, e. Putting it together…Hands-on activities
PRESENTING Veritable Software
CLASS TITLE What You Need to Know to Talk to a Web Designer
DESCRIPTION Your author website is a major marketing and branding tool that requires constant attention and updates to effectively sell your books and your brand. Do you need an author website, but don’t know where to begin? Do you currently have an author website, but don’t know how effective it is, or how to improve it? If so, ”What You Need to Know to Talk to a Web Designer” is for you. Information you need to talk to a professional web designer and be able to make informed decisions about your author website will be presented for the non-technical lay person. Technical concepts that you will need to know will be defined and explained in easy to understand language.
PRESENTING Veritable Software
CLASS TITLE Virus Protection, Back-ups, Image File Types & Sizes, and Free Software For Writers
DESCRIPTION Virus protection software; why is it so important and which to choose, back-ups and online storage; the benefits of each, the difference between 72dpi & 300dpi, when does it matter, why you can’t increase the size of images without losing quality, why you should physically (not visually on a page), size down images before uploading them to your websites, blog, Pinterest, etc., the difference between jpg, jpeg, png, psd, tiff, bmp, pdf, etc., file sizes; typical sizes of image files for display and for print, RGB vs CMYK, and much more!
CLASS TITLE Writing a Female Detective Without High Heels
DESCRIPTION Can you write a believable female detective? Have you ever tried on a Kevlar vest? Retired Detective Suzie Ivy takes you through the ins and outs of reality on the streets. From boots, to gear; try them on, learn about crime scene analysis, go through a crime scene bag and learn the reality of TV verses real-life. This is a hands on class giving you an inside look at what’s under the badge.
PRESENTING Victoria Pinder
CLASS TITLE Be Your Own Agent
DESCRIPTION Rejection is part of the game, and it hurts. And there are less agents out there now. So your chances are even thinner there. Yet the hope is huge and you don’t have to simply self-publish. Big Houses and small now offer online submissions. The work is now on you, but there is hope there. You have twitter pitch opportunities, online pitch opportunities, and even better direct submission direction.

When I took control of my career, and believed in myself and the work, the contracts are found. Best part is I can sit on the beach or in my pajamas. Fellow writers have seen me with them at the bookstore as we talk about a manuscript, submitting another. Law school taught Victoria Pinder how to separate emotion to push her book. How? Learn how she’s signed multiple contracts and key phrases in any contract. And always, research before you sign.

Writers can’t afford to live in hopes of a dream and then assume that self publishing is the only alternative. So what that the big four said no. Let’s shop and find our perfect match. The publishing house that matches what you write exists. It’s your job to find it. Conferences, networking, social media, author communities all have insight. Let’s talk to others to find our path to success. However, many writers get rejected from the elites then move right to self publishing.

CLASS TITLE Scrivener – Why You Should Use it to Write your Novel
DESCRIPTION Are you tired of looking for your research, story files, character images, website links, etc. while you’re writing you book? Are revisions kicking your butt because Word is so cumbersome to navigate? Wish you could create a story-bible for your series? Sticky notes falling off your story board? You can solve all of these issues with Scrivener, the writing software that allows you to concentrate on the content of your book. Write your story a scene at a time, build it from an outline or use the outline feature in Scrivener. Livia will get you up and running on PC or Mac even if you’re a computer novice. And you get a bonus: Information on other writing apps including some free ones. Get serious about your book and enjoy the process more with Scrivener.
PRESENTING Victoria Vane
CLASS TITLE IS IT HOT IN HERE? (achieving the right heat level for your reading audience)
DESCRIPTION This workshop is designed to help authors (whether sweet or steamy) to strike the right balance of romance and sexual tension in their stories.
PRESENTING Sofia St. Angeles
CLASS TITLE All Alphas Are Not Created Equal: How To Make Your Man 5 Star Worthy
DESCRIPTION With the help of some hunkalicious male cover models, Sofia will demonstrate techniques and tools to transform your main male character into a swoon-worthy book boyfriend. Don’t let your hero fall prey to stereotype. This presentation will show you how to make your man 5 star worthy.
PRESENTING Linda Rae Sande
CLASS TITLE Book Production Using InDesign
DESCRIPTION Want to self-publish but don’t like the templates offered by the various publishing houses? Need a bookfile that will give you a great printed book as well as convert easily for Kindle, Nook and iBooks? This course will cover how to use Adobe InDesign to create your print-ready PDF as well as MOBI and e-Pub files for your novel. Topics include creating templates for the four parts of a novel, setting up margins for each section, setting up headers and footers, using paragraph styles that will easily convert for e-books, and choosing a font from the ”top five” for readability. The presentation will be done with PowerPoint slides. Handouts will be provided.
PRESENTING Aaron Notestine
CLASS TITLE How to Adapt Your Novel Into a Screenplay
DESCRIPTION Ever dreamed of seeing your book as a major motion picture or television series. Taking my course will open your mind to the world of screenwriting and the process a writer must undergo to adapt your novel into a screenplay.
PRESENTING Sandy Sullivan – Secret Cravings Publishing
CLASS TITLE Working With a Small Press (What To Expect and What to Look Out For)
DESCRIPTION Are you thinking of pitching to a small press publisher? This class presents the ins and outs of working with a small press publisher, what to expect from query to contract and what to look out for that might be red flags before you sign.
PRESENTING Victoria Zackheim
CLASS TITLE Character Development in Fiction
DESCRIPTION Is there anything more difficult than creating a fascinating character that draws your readers into the story? What is required to achieve this? For one thing, getting into your characters’ heads, under their skin…and creating a back story that explains those characters behaviors and motivations. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop characters beyond the basics of height, weight, gender, etc. You’ll learn about creating characters that your readers can love or hate, respect or rebuke. Whoever they become, they will drive your story and fascinate your readers.
PRESENTING Victoria Zackheim
CLASS TITLE What is the Arc, and Why Is It Important?
DESCRIPTION We always hear about characters having arcs, but what does it mean? It is the heart, goal, structure of any novel. It determines who your main characters are at the beginning of your story, and who they are at the end. One thing we know, a character must change. It is the arc that determines that change. In this course, you will learn how to identify the arc, and how to apply it to your characters. Knowing this will change the way you write, and the way you view your story.
PRESENTING Victoria Zackheim
CLASS TITLE Creating a Back Story for Your Characters
DESCRIPTION No matter how exciting your characters are, they must have a back story. Without one, your readers cannot understand why the characters act as they do. Fiction or nonfiction, the back story is the key to a compelling plot. In this course, you will learn everything you need to create the kind of meaningful, logical, and even chilling back story that will drive your characters and your novel.
PRESENTING Allie K. Adams, Jami Davenport
CLASS TITLE No Geeks Allowed – Tech Tips for the Non-Tech Writer
DESCRIPTION Do you use a three-ring binder to organize your book details? Do you wade through countless notes and folders in an attempt to find a snippet of information needed in your WIP? Do you spend too much time searching for information you’d previously seen? In this course, we explore the use of IT tools to increase your efficiency in the areas of researching, plotting, organizing, and accessing book details so you have more time to write the actual book. Also covered will be quick backup methods, creating a filing system for your electronic documents, and creating electronic notebooks. The tools we’ll be using are mostly free and available to anyone.
PRESENTING L.M. Pruitt, Shea MacLeod
CLASS TITLE The Good, The Bad & The Irresistible
DESCRIPTION Do you have a book boyfriend? A character that has you wishing you were turn down the sheets instead of turning a page? From the good ol’ boy to the boy toy authors L.M. Pruitt, Shéa MacLeod and Rachel Rawlings discuss writing about the men readers love to love and love to hate. A talk about all things Alpha male, what we love most about our supernatural men.
PRESENTING LaVerne Thompson, Mary Carver, Virginia Nelson, Shea MacLeod
CLASS TITLE The Face of New Adult
DESCRIPTION New Adult is no longer just a mature version of Twilight. In the last couple of years the category has strongly defined itself and made a permanent place in the publishing industry. Let’s discuss what it was is and will be.
PRESENTING Fiona Jayde, Mary Harris, TJ McKay
CLASS TITLE Indie Publishing 1, 2, 3…10
DESCRIPTION If you’re looking to dip your toes into the exciting world of self-publishing and not sure how to start, this RNCounsel is for you. Join editor Mary Harris, cover artist Fiona Jayde and InD’Tale publisher TJ McKay to learn about the steps to take your book from manuscript to publishing-ready.
– Editor Extraordinaire Mary Harris will talk about common pitfalls and editing mistakes that get your book bad reviews, how you can eliminate 90% of them; will Mom tell you the truth about your book?; and when you need to pay for editing vs. when you can have beta readers lead the way.
– Award winning cover artist Fiona Jayde will talk about how to approach your first marketing tool – your book’s cover art – whether doing it yourself or hiring an artist. Fiona will also touch upon formatting, vendors and venues, where to upload your book for publication.
– InD’Tale magazine publisher TJ McKay will talk about the best way to get your book noticed: Reviews! Why do we need them? How to get them. How to use them once you have them, along with all the amazing benefits they can bring if used correctly.
PRESENTING Fiona Jayde, Julie L. York
CLASS TITLE Crafting a Best-Seller Author Brand
DESCRIPTION Whether Indie or Traditional published, your author brand is your calling card, a way for readers and other professionals to know who you are, what you write and in what ways you are awesome. Author brand is the promise you deliver to your readers – an expectation you fulfill with each book you write. You brand can also be the base of your promotional and marketing efforts, making it easy to attract readers specifically interested in what you write. Join a publicity expert TiVi Jones and cover artist Fiona Jayde to learn about taming the elusive beast of author branding and using it to drive your promotional, marketing and social media campaigns. You will leave the class with a ready-to-use plan how to implement your own custom author brand in your book promotion needs.
CLASS TITLE Self-Editing for Authors
DESCRIPTION You do not have to be an editor, or an English major, to be able to edit your own stories. Join me as I present some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way from writing and editing my own stories, editing for business people who make spell-checkers cry, teaching my students how to write effectively, and editing for other authors. Regardless of whether you want to know how to fix grammar errors or iron out content and story issues, the things I’ve learned over the years can be applied to any kind of writing, and can be used by anyone, of any English level, willing to put effort into making their story even better.
CLASS TITLE Sprinting, the Secret Key to Finishing that Novel
DESCRIPTION Ever wonder why some authors continuously produce 7-12k words a day while you struggle to obtain a word count of 500 after you spent hours sitting at your computer? V.S. Nelson is known for turning out big fat books in record time. Her methods work for both plotters and pansters. Attend this two hour hands-on workshop and learn her secret to success.
CLASS TITLE Identifying Your Writing and Selling It Correctly
DESCRIPTION You’ve finally finished your first novel;your baby,your masterpiece. Now comes the decision on how to sell/promote it. What shall you do since it crosses at least 3 genre lines? It’s a romance, a mystery and a paranormal. How do you tag it? How do you pitch it? Learning and understanding our industry’s standards is a start. Don’t make the same mistakes others have. Identification is the key to successful selling and pitching your work. This class covers content, word count and more and will help you correctly sell that masterpiece you’ve worked so hard on.
CLASS TITLE Marketing: Turning Your passion Into Profit
DESCRIPTION You have a dream, you’ve followed it through… So now what do you do? How do you turn that dream into a successful, profitable enterprise? What are the secrets to getting your book or business the attention – and the success it deserves? In this class you will learn the secrets of rising above the mountain of good intentions to shine and make your dream a profitable lifetime love affair!
PRESENTING TJ MacKay and The InD’tale Staff
CLASS TITLE Book Reviews and How to Use Them to Guarantee Your Success!
DESCRIPTION Whether 5 star or struggling 3, reviews can be your very best (and least expensive) advertisement! In this class, TJ Mackay and the staff of InD’tale magazine will discuss how to guarantee great reviews, then capitalize on them to insure your book’s success. Class participation and an open dialogue is encouraged in this friendly and fun session discussing one of the most important features in promotion today!