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RNC15 Events

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(Resources, Networking, Camaraderie)
Julianna Douglas
“Well, I’m safely back home in Phoenix after spending an exciting week in Las Vegas, attending Romance Novel Convention 2015. This has been my favorite RNCon so far. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had there and how many amazing memories I’ve brought home with me to cherish.”
Jossilynn Jossilynn
“I just got back home from Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas. I had an amazing time, learned invaluable information, and met lots of wonderful people.” “I hope to start posting updates about the classes and events, including pics, bring you interviews with the amazing RNCasanovas, and lots more in the coming days and weeks.”
Geraldine Zialcita Solon
“Thank you so much, Jimmy Thomas!!! It was my pleasure to teach 2 classes. I’m looking forward to teaching again next year. You did an amazing job in organizing this event.”
Virginia McKevitt
“Always glad to share this tremendous conference. This event has become a massive mecca for writers and all of the important people who are associated with their craft; cover artist, editors, bloggers, and the list goes on and own. Thanks for mentioning me. I hope I can attend in 2016.”
Randi Alexander
“I had a wonderful time at RNC2015, and I will definitely be there again in 2016. I’m trying to think of some awesome workshops to propose. Everyone get registered tomorrow, and we’ll be partying in Las Vegas!”

“I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I was wowwed by how friendly everyone was, and I came away with a lot of new friends.”

Angela Aaron
“As RNC comes to a close I am once again reminded of the inspiration and knowledge creative people can offer. I came to see old friends and meet new ones. I came to learn and to network and to share ideas and stories of what it means to be a writer. The wealth of information that was shared and gained during the four days of the convention is truly invaluable. I will take so much away and better myself as an author with what I learned. I love that I had to come to Vegas to meet writers that live very close to me and to meet a wonderful aspiring model who grew up in the very same place I did. Lol. Having a few handsome models and fun evening entertainment was the icing on the cake. Thank you to fellow attendees for your graciousness and good companionship. Thank you Jimmy Thomas, Billy, Casanovas and the rest of the gang. Until we meet again- I wish you good travels. May the road rise up to meet you…”

“Feeling like such a sponge in Vegas. This has been an amazing day filled with great information- I am getting filled with such incredible knowledge.”

Cherry Hinkle
“Photos taken at the Romance Novel Convention at the Harrah’s Casino/Hotel, 24-28 June 2015. I will post a few photos of the authors – it was an incredible event, with far more spiritual women that I expected!”

“HOLY MOLY!! We are REALLY enjoying the Romance Novel Convention being held at the Harrah’s Casino/Hotel! Kayelle Allen, Mystique Maldonado and me – this trio is having a total blast! We met so many wonderful writers and will-be writers, not to mention a few very handsome male models, these gentlemen are the men seen on romance books. Wow – and these guys here they are, live in Las Vegas, and right in front of my amazing eyes!! Today I’ll attempt to take a few photo and post them here! I’ll check in with you all later!”

Eryn Black
“The fun was over flowing at the RNC Saints And Sinners Ball. Thank you Gwen Steel and Tara Rose for hosting such a wonderful event.”

“Between classes, keynote speakers and night time events this has been the best Romance Novel Convention so far. There is still the weekend to join in on the fun. Come out and join us”

“The goddess herself, Hudsy Hawn joined me today for my Dos and Don’ts of BDSM toys class. She was fabulous as always. This has been the best RNC yet.”

“This was a fabulous Book fair with amazing Authors.”

Vikkas Bhardwaj
“You are a legend in this cover industry and who also pushes and encourages newcomers to get ahead. I have met many and manyyy so called models who show nothing but insecurity and jealousy. Some santa claus model actually tried to stop me from attending HMK event. Thank you jimmy for encouraging. You actually told me that I should have my own website up with my stock photos along with Cynthia. I thank you for that.

Taabia Dupree
“Jimmy is a rock Vikkas. Carrying RNC on his shoulders and all of us on his back lol. He packs us all up and ships us home lol.”

Courage Knight
“I had a great time at Romance Novel Convention 2015 in Las Vegas!” “I met some amazing people – and hopefully, we’ll stay friends and meet again. I learned some things, and I think I shared some information with other authors that they will find useful.”

“One of the classes I took at Romance Novel Convention was about taxes and the independent author. Tammy Godfrey was fantastic.”

Susan K. Newman
“I had a blast and hope the other attendees did so as well!!! I saw friends and made new ones :) Thank you Jimmy Thomas!!!”
Fiona Jayde
“Loved seeing everyone again and had a terrific time!”
Linda Rae Sande
“Great classes, great parties, great fun!”
Daniel Dorse
“Thanks for the shout out, Jimmy! It was great to greet authors I’d met the previous year and meet so many new ones, as well as spreading the word about audiobooks. Looking forward to next year!”
Rosemary Angelus
“It was definitely a fun time! I will be attending again”
Kayelle Allen
“#‎RNC2015‬ ‪#‎RNConvention‬ Learning so much! I’ll post pictures from my phone in a bit.”
Cynthia Lucas
“For any who don’t know…and I have posted this on my page SEVERAL times…Jimmy Thomas IS THE ORIGINATOR of the very FIRST site that specialized in romance novel cover imagery and one stop shop for imagery of that nature. Yes, there are certainly other sites that came AFTER and some are wonderful….a network of good people doing great work, and a great network of friends! I love them all and truly enjoy working with them among others. But it IS important to acknowledge who was the VERY FIRST person to originate the idea, and start a site like that and who is still offering the best in top quality imagery for this purpose. IT IS JIMMY…and that is that. He is also the first singular person (aside from RT and RWA) to originate their OWN romance novel convention. I just wanted to acknowledge that fact and thank him for creating this aspect of the industry and helping it to flourish by setting an example that others learned from and have grown from. Thank you Jimmy….you were the first and continue to persevere through thick and thin to recreate yourself, learn, expand and continue to offer this service. And it’s very much appreciated. :)”
Taabia Dupree
“There are so many people I wish could make this conference, in 2016. Just once to be able to experience the buzzing atmosphere.

Behind the scenes we work hard to help Jimmy to bring to light his vision for the Indies industry. It’s not easy, the man is a visionary. When someone can see a future for a group of individuals, and tries to direct and orchestrate what he sees, it’s a difficult task because many in this industry do not have that much confidence in themselves, as he does for them. He has a plan, and everything about, is selfless. We behind the scenes, we get to see it, and sometimes it’s crazy busy, but when we are packing up, and all is said and done, we look back and smile. It’s one of the biggest natural highs you could experience when working with a group of people who are in it to help work magic, and do selfless acts. An amazing experience!

If you were to make it to any of Jimmy’s RNConventions, you would get to meet Indies in this business who are looking for the next best thing that will help them get ahead on their journey to success.

The workshop teachers, they bring it! They come with knowledge and information you walk away with thinking you have a folder full of gold nuggets. So much information to process, but you are so excited you can’t wait to see what you can do with the information you just received.

You also get to meet others just like yourself! There are readers, bloggers, reviewers, potential writers, and published authors, just to name a few.

Some of the best moments are when you squeeeee, because you meet one of your favorite authors, or meet up with one of your friends you created a bond with on Facebook, and have yet to talk to them face to face.

If I had a plane to fill with those wishful attendees, I sure would fill it up with those who are interested in meeting people in this industry that are here to help you succeed. Romance Novel Convention, is the place to go. We now have many of those past attendees who came that were once the want-to-be writers, and now are published authors. I am so proud to be apart of this family, and wish that everyone will have the opportunity one day to come and connect with Jimmy, and others who see what this industry really does have to offer.”

Renee Waring
So, another RNConvention is in the books and I think I can now call myself a veteran. This year was a bit of a challenge for me because I went alone for the first time and I was nervous about it. I shouldn’t have wasted my time worrying. My RNC family surrounded me as soon as I arrived and I never once felt like I was alone. The staff and volunteers were amazing and supported not only the attendees but each other so that we could all attend the classes we wanted to take part in.

The classes and panels were very informative and a lot of fun. There are many aspects of this amazing world of authors and romance novels that I will never look at in the same way again. The entertainment and events get better every year and I love that our authors jump right in and participate in spur of the moment skits and have us rolling in the aisles laughing. Once again I came home with sore stomach muscles from laughing so much.” “Jimmy Thomas, we can never thank you enough for all the dedication and hard work you put in all year to make this convention happen. It’s the best one out there because of you.”

Steph C Brentson
“Well said! Jimmy Thomas is a fantastic friend and he works so hard to bring us all together.”

Angela Aaron
“I came by myself too and never once felt awkward or alone. I had a blast and loved meeting you.”

Susan K. Newman
“Miss Renee Waring…it was great seeing you and the others last week. It was fun and challenging, but I believe we all had a great time:) A special “thank you” to Jimmy Thomas for all of his hard work and dedication to a wonderful convention!!! Now back to work.”

Gracie Wilson
“So many great memories and amazing people I’ve met. Some I might never see again. Some of them I’ve already made arrangements to see again because I just can’t not have them in my life now! It takes a special kind of person to appreciate my true nature and I’m lucky I found a few of those people at RNC2015.”

Jossilynn Jossilynn
“Things I will take with me from the RNC: A couple of friendships I think will be life long (Julianna Douglas and her husband Doug, Natalie D Wilson, and Will Wilson), a small crush on Jimmy Thomas (but who doesn’t have that? I know I’m not in the minority), and a huge crush on Jet Arnett who is beautiful in mind, body, and soul. Also a special thanks to Zack Williams (aka jailbait) for dancing when I know he didn’t want to. I had a great time! Looking forward to next year.”
Vikkas Bhardwaj
“At JIMMY Thomas convention las vegas. Beautiful people. Great energy.” “I appreciate you all and Jimmy you are the true Hero. Thank you bud for guiding and opening my mind to diff dimensions. How can I forget my brother from another mother Billy Thomas, thank you for being by my side and you too Shelley. You are all my Extended Family. Each and every one of you. To the authors: thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.”
Rachelle Chase
“#‎RNCVEGAS‬ is over and it’s back to reality. But the conference was fun, informative and everyone I met was awesome! Learned some great things from some great folks/workshops, including:
— Dos and Don’ts with BDSM toys (Eryn Black)
— What the heck “fire flogging” is, plus how to get story ideas from antique stores (Breanna Hayse)
— I can look at someone’s forehead and it will look like I’m looking them in the eyes when speaking publicly (Randi Alexander & Jackson Young)
— How to bypass Amazon and sell my own print books (Teri Woods)
— Things to consider in my pre-launch plan – like, don’t release the book cover until it’s up for pre-order (Fiona Jayde)
— Importance of audio books by awesome voice actors Gaynor Kelly, Daniel Dorse, Simon Relph, and Jack de Golia
— How to make photographs fun by Master of the Flying Kick, Bruce Heinsius
— Virus protection for my Mac (Doug Miles)
— More BDSM lingo, like “sub space” and “after care” from Anarie Brady
— The rebirth of royalty and monarchy via Micro-Nations (HRM King Timothy and the Crown Princess Samantha of Shilo and Grand Duke Travis McHenry or Westantarctica)
Fun events included:
— Met great folks at the Book Fair, including Jeanie Quemado Vicente and Gwen Hall, plus sold more books than expected (thank you, everyone!)
— Compliments of Jimmy Thomas, a group of us went to see an awesome performance by Mo5aic at Bally’s.
— Brooke Wilkes, David Nicoll, Jennifer Thompson, Jackson Young, and Gracie Wilson rocked the Murder Mystery
— Gwen Steel and Tara Rose hosted a great Sinners & Saints Costume Ball – at which I won Best Costume and a pretty purse with goodies inside (thank you, ladies!)
Met other great folks as well, including LaVerne Thompson, Taabia Dupree, Susan K. Newman Rosemary Angelus, the Casanovas (Paul Gunn, Orestis Papapetrou, Michael Newkirk, and Zack Williams), Michelle Legare, Phyllis Mcgill plus got to see Julian Mora again. I know I’ve forgotten someone and apologize in advance! Special thanks to my mom, Lilly, and Mary Leo for spending time with me! HUGE thanks to Jimmy, Taabia, Michelle, Tara, and Susan for making #RNCVEGAS so great!”
Tara Rose
“The one thing I shall say about RNC is each and every single year no matter who arrives author or reader wise everyone becomes firm friends and wants to chip in to help each other out. To learn, to laugh and just to explore possibilities they might not have otherwise dreamed of exploring in their venture into writing world.”
Taabia Dupree
“There are so many people I want to thank for making ‪#‎RNCVEGAS‬ a fun and successful convention for me.” “Unfortunately I didn’t make all the panels or classes that I planned to attend, for one reason or another, but I met some of the coolest authors, bloggers, reviewers, aspiring writers, actors, teachers, readers, and models.”

“This convention, like the last, I was able to work registration. I asked to do so because I get to meet people that I may not have met otherwise. This time around I met a King, a princess, and Grand Duke, a cowboy that makes me smile just from remembering his voice with the lovely twang; an author who wore bad ass tats, an awe inspiring bestselling, purple cowboy hat author, a gentleman who’s name I’ll use in an upcoming book *he knows to whom I speak, two models who have come to the States to pursue their dreams, a bestselling author that I’ve wanted to meet, and I could go on and on.”

“I will forever be grateful for meeting all of these attendees. I am taking home some great memories that will not only last me a lifetime, but ones that will inspire me forever.” “Steph C Brentson, my loving PA, I appreciate you more everyday. Thank you for being there for me without questions, without attitude and a burst of energy that I had to feed off of sometimes.

Bbc Rok Ka, and David Nicoll your hugs rock! Vikkas, thank you for the hugs, the great conversation, and the laughs. I’m looking forward to a growing friendship. Billy, you are the real deal my friend. You bring positive energy, and an endless amount of support. Thank you so much!

Jimmy Thomas thank you for all that you have done for me, WolfsBlood cover design started with you. You are so appreciated. I would not have made friends that I honestly call my sisters if there was no you and RNC, and for that alone, I will be forever be grateful.”

Livia Quinn
“Well said, Jamallah Bergman, Missed seeing you this year. I, too, owe Jimmy Thomas so much.”

Steph C Brentson
“so much fun!”

David Nicoll
“This year was so much better. More fun and positive vibes. I am so happy to see all of you and I miss my girls that couldn’t make it. God bless you all and the best of luck with all your hard work. And cough cough!! I am still waiting to be on a cover. Hahahah!!! Kisses to you all!!”
Kayelle Allen
“It was a blast! Wonderful to meet you.”
Rachelle Chase
“Had a great time! Thanks for making RNC GREAT! Looking forward to next year.”
Teri McGill
“Thanks, Jimmy, it was a fun ‘first’ RNC for me and I am looking forward to 2016!”
Cynthia Lucas
“Thank you, Jimmy….hope to be able to attend in 2016. :)”
Fiona Summerville
“I WILL be there this year!”
Barbara Khoshkho
“Thanks Jimmy, I too am hoping to be there in 2016…way to go star.”
Steph C Brentson
“You’re welcome Jimmy and you also deserve a huge thank you from all of us for what you do especially all those late nights you spent up getting everything ready and making sure things are running smoothly and for Bringing us all together. I’ve made some great friendships and as we all talked about it last year RNC has become like a family reunion for many of us. :)”

Taabia Dupree
“Yes Steph it’s because of Jimmy and RNC, we have life long friendships, and a sisterhood with many attendees. It’s like a family reunion when we get together every year.”

Renee Waring
“Thank you, Jimmy, for this amazing convention. Like Steph said, it’s like a family reunion now and we’re all more than happy to help in any way we can. I think 2016 will be the most amazing convention yet.”

Fiona Jayde
“Thanks for the shoutout! It was great to see old friends and make new ones. hope to see everyone at RNC16! And Renee Waring – very true about it feeling like a family reunion:)”

Rose Wynters
“This really looks awesome. I’d love to attend, but I’m not sure if I’d come as a reader or an author. Shrugging. Shy and all.”

Taabia Dupree
“I’m an introvert and once you get there, and get mixed in the classes and events, things change. You come away with friendships and a barrel of knowledge. :)”

Renee Waring
“I was scared to death the first year I attended, Rose, and I made my husband go with me. in 2015 I went by myself grin emoticon Had the best time ever, come and join us, I promise you will not regret it.”

Susan K. Newman
“Hey I was super shy at my first RNC and seemed to “come out of my shell” last year…even Jimmy Thomas noticed it :)”

Teri McGill
“I was one of those ‘shy’ first-time authors who felt I wasn’t ready for a signing table … even though Jimmy tried to convince me to ‘just DO it’ (my words, not his). As I walked around the Book Fair, feeling the camaraderie and support of all the other authors, I realized he had been right and I was kicking myself for being such a chicken!”

Shannon Reads
“:) One must open oneself stepping out of comfort zone, the RNC community is a family mentality helping each other in turn helps ourselves but the domino effect is the true beauty of it ripples in a pond extending outward so many extending a helping hand and the only thing we ask for is that thoughtfulness passed along, we all benefit from it.”

Rachelle Chase
“I had taken a break from writing. 2015 was my first year writing again and RNC was my first conference since my last book. I went alone, not knowing anyone. But as everyone has said, it was a friendly, inclusive bunch, and I met wonderful folks and learned a lot. You must come, Rose!”

Taabia Dupree
“It’s the atmosphere. Jimmy, the teachers and the staff set the stage. We have fun being there for everyone. The will to help one another is contagious. :)”

Anya Kelleye
“That’s it, Taabia…everyone WANTS to help everyone. It’s not about competing with each other, it’s about wanting everyone to do well with their respective craft. :)”

Steph C Brentson
“Exactly I think it’s great that we don’t worry about competing etc. as everyone there is ready to learn, have fun and get to know their readers and find new authors! I love that every year I go I get to make new friends and see old ones!”

Jimmy Thomas
“And remember Rose that authors are readers too Just because you start writing, that doesn’t mean you stop reading”

At RNC2014, 54% of the attending authors (who had AUTHOR on their name badge) didn’t get a Book Fair seat to sign & sell their books, as they thought they weren’t ready for that. They thought Book Fairs were only for big, well-known authors who readers are coming to see to get their autographs.”

That 54% of attending authors wanted to walk around the Book Fair to meet new authors to read from, and see which new books they wanted to read/buy, as again, authors are STILL readers

This is what I try to instill in author’s head who get a seat at the Book Fair, that just because someone attending the Book Fair has a name badge that says AUTHOR and not READER, that does not mean they are not a “book reader”. They aren’t attending the Book Fair to scope out their competition They are looking for new books to read

For authors, Book Fairs are to meet new people and hopefully gain new readers from those they meet, no matter what their name badge says Which they can’t do without getting a seat at the Book Fair

So, if you have a book published, which includes self-published, be proud of that and come as an AUTHOR However, no matter which you come as, you are going to learn a LOT, and make MANY great friends and contacts for future networking and resources THAT is what RNC was created for :)”

Taabia Dupree
“Jimmy is right. 90% of the authors are in contest to win New Books lol. We also buy at the fair. Sometimes if we have time we walk around, but to be honest, we scoop out the authors lol and hit them up before the book fair. Please save us a book and put aside. I don’t think I’ll ever stop reading. The coolest thing is when you find authors in your favorite genre. It’s like hitting the mother load, lol.”

Tara Rose
“RNC is one big happy “family” that truly wants each other to succeed, don’t ever feel nervous don’t even hesitate, just book and rest assured everyone will be there for ye :)”

Jennilinh Dinh
“You definitely deserves a lot of love and support. One of these days when I’m financially stable, I will make it to RNC. It’s been too long since this Iowa girl got a hug from you :) Love ya, Jimmy”
Robin Tool
“You are so welcome Jimmy. You deserve praise and thanks for what you do. You work so extremely hard and late hours to give us the RNC Convention every year…..and the most beautiful pictures. I look forward to many more pics. You are an inspiration to so many people. I haven’t been able to go to one yet…..but just reading all of the fantastic posts, makes me smile and so thankful that we have you and the RNC Convention. May you be blessed with great success. You are such a fabulous and good-hearted person to know. Keep up the great work.”
Cynthia Dean
“Thank U sooo much Jimmy for The Love.U will Always have My Support and Love!! :) Looking forward to 2016 RNC since it will b My first.So get that gorgeous ASS of Urs ready for My Grabs.”
Angela Aaron
“Trying to figure out how I can make it. I loved the classes and panels.”
Claudy Conn
“Yay, Candice and I will attend this year.”

Candice Mansfield
“Woo hoo! s:) Yes we will Claudy!”

Brenda Dyer
“I would love too, but it all depends on money.”
Jossilynn Jossilynn
“Actual in-person hugs instead of virtual ones What’s not to love??? Love my RNC family”
Julianna Douglas
“Aww, thanks, Jimmy! It was very sweet of you to mention me. You’re very welcome, my friend. You’re the one who deserves all the kudos for bringing us such an awesome fun convention. Can’t wait to see you and the rest of my RNC family again next year.”
Aurora Rose Andromeda
“I love the RNC and kills me that I missed the last few and only been to the 2013. But I am bound and determined to get there this time around. I love everyone that is part of this awesome group/organization. Jimmy Thomas and everyone put in so much effort and hard work to make this an amazing week. I will never forget my week in Vegas, it was more than a blast. I’m way over due for a trip so this I am going to start planning for. Hugs!!”
Olivia Gaines
“Love me some Jimmy Thomas! Always ready to support you like you support us authors.”
Taabia Dupree
“Travel time sux, but I come from the east coast all the way to the west coast for this convention. Anyone who knows me knows that’s a miracle in itself. But I can’t say enough about this convention, Jimmy, and the people who attend.

We see the names on FB all the time. We may like one of the post, or leave a little reply, but to meet in person, it’s phenomenal.

Everyone is just so excited, that the minute you introduce yourself, its giggles and smiles.

If you are thinking about a convention to do, try RNC, and experience the love, and dedication.
Plus, find me and introduce yourself. ;)”

Cherry-Anne Marilyn
“You are very welcome Jimmy you are a great man and you are always thinking of others and not yourself. I have enjoyed being a friend to you and if you need any help i am always here, hey what are friends for.”

Livia Quinn
“Love this picture of Jimmy Thomas and what you said Cherry-Anne Marilyn is true. His conference is aimed at helping authors connect with readers.”

Wendy Lovetiggi
“I agree… Jimmy is a wonderful person.”

Alexia Purdy
“You rock Jimmy! Thanks for everything!”
Jamallah Bergman
“Hope to be there next year for sure Jimmy and you are most welcome for the support my friend. Much Love”
Susan K. Newman
“My pleasure Mr. Jimmy Thomas…here’s to a kick-ass 2016 RNC!!! Will I be handling the Casanova Bingo again? I’d love to…it was a lot of fun. A big shout-out goes out to you for your all of your hard work and dedication for the past 3 conventions. We are here to assist you in anyway possible :)”
Steph C Brentson
“I’m Steph and I’m a PA, blogger and reviewer/stay at home mom to 3 kids. I run Starry Night Book Reviews and Steph C Brentson Personal Assistant Services. I’m also an Admin for Mystical World of Books. I’ve been to every RNC so far and have volunteered for all 3 also. :)”
Angela Aaron
“Hi All, My heart is breaking I cannot join all the wonderful people at RNC this year. I had a blast last year and am looking forward to hopefully making it in 2017. Everyone is so nice and willing to share all their knowledge. It’s an incredible convention.”
Taabia Dupree
“I am Taabia Dupree, author, and I went to RNC 2014 & 15. I volunteered each year, and had a blast! I am currently writing my portion of an anthology that is coming out in December. I haven’t read as much as I wanted to this year, but writing takes the creative juices, and by the time I finish, I am not interested in reading. Sometimes, maybe if I do not have anything in the works, a couple weeks later after I decompress, I may read a fantasy novel, just to get away from everything, and my own thoughts. Muses like to run rampart in my head so fantasy books shuts them down, oh, and cartoons too lol.”
Renee Waring
“I’m Renee Waring, Guardian Proofreading Services and swag maker. I have attended and volunteered at RNC since the very first one. It’s been an amazing thing to watch this convention get better and better every year and I am so grateful for all the fantastic friends I’ve made. AND Jimmy Thomas gives the best hugs you’ll ever get, anywhere.”
Dana Schreiner
“I’m Dana Schreiner.. I attended 2014 and 2015 and volunteered this last year. I am working on a paranormal story, which I hope to finish and prepare for publication by the end of the year. However, my 83 year-old Mother and 87 and 89 year-old in-laws are all having medical issues that have diverted my attention. I read constantly! I was in Portland attending my high school reunion and visiting my Mom for 10 days and I completely read 5 1/2 books. I have learned so much at these conferences and I plan on attending the 2016 conference.”
Jeanie Quemado Vicente
“Just wanted to say hello, I’m Jeanie, Reader & 2015 RNC Vegas attendee. I very much enjoyed this past years event & look forward to 2016 RNC.”
Jennifer Thompson
“Hi all! I’m Jenn, an aspiring author. I am finally getting words down on the page and that’s due, in part, to the great folks I’ve met at RNC 2013-2015. It’s a great opportunity to meet wonderful people who are eager to share what they know and have learned in the romance publishing game. I hope I can make it in June 2016 to keep my writing momentum going!”
Gracie Wilson
“Hey there! I’m author Gracie Wilson. I first attended RNC this year (2015) after being told by a friend to go. Man, am I glad I did! I met some amazing people and can not wait to go back!”
Julianna Douglas
“”Hey, everyone. I’m Julianna Douglas.” “I’m an RNConvention veteran, having attended all three so far, and I’m already registered for RNC2016. Since my first time there, it’s been the only conference I always make a point of attending. It’s a positive upbeat environment that’s always a lot of fun. I’ve grown so much as a writer and as a person from being there. Who knows what I might do, or learn, or experience, or who I might meet next year, but I can’t wait to find out. :)”
Steph C Brentson
“The book fair was so much fun last year! I loved buying from authors I’ve gotten to know all week and some of my favorite ones! It’s so much fun to find new authors and books to read! Be careful, you fall in love with all of the authors and you want to buy so many books. Make sure to budget for the book fair and add in any shipping prices because if you win other things also you might not have room in your carry on. If you can’t ship, make sure you have the room in you bag or bring another one for books – plus all of the books that are given away in the giveaways. Also UPS is right there in the convention hall. You have no idea how happy I was about that as I had to ship a bunch of stuff home.”
KE Saxon
“I hope I’m able to go next year! Don’t know yet.”
Billy Thomas
“I AM the one forever grateful. This has all fallen into my lap so I thank my big bro (Jimmy Thomas) for that. But as for you Taabia Dupree putting lil’ ole me on Wolfsblood cover was definitely the Highlight of my life, ….well besides my Shelley Murphy of course :) But I want to thank YOU….You are great and will be greater! Keep doing what you love- your passion is there. Oh, and I’ll be reading Wolfsblood for sure on the looooong plane ride home. HOOOOOOOOOOWWWLLLLL!!!!!!”
Bianca Sommerland
“If you’re in Vegas at Romance Novel Convention 2015 and want to come to the Goal Line release party, make sure to get in touch with me so I can give you the time and place! :) There’s some awesome goodies for you and it’s gonna be tons of fun!
Breanna Hayse
“Vegas and the conference has been amazing! Not done yet- but I have met so many awesome peeps and every one of them has been loving, fun and supportive of one another. So many topics have been discussed- both in and out of the classrooms- among them were negative reviews (and professional vs nonprofessional responses), the treatment of the readers/fans (professional consensus is that the customer is ALWAYS right and none that are disposable), and how many authors have had horrible publishing experiences and felt ‘lost’, untrusting and manipulated. When I wasn’t laughing hysterically at the circle of comments (and shared stories), I was also finding it very sad. I am blessed to be with a company and fellow authors who are genuine, unselfish and loving people; a strong and intelligent fan base of loyal, honest and excited readers; and now new brothers and sisters who will be joining Blushing Books Publications family. Hugs to all of you and thank you for being a part of my life! Luvs, Bree!”

“Update from Vegas! everything is going fabulously and having soooo much fun and have met a load of new friends (some who are corrupting me and I love it)! My first class was awesome- we had a great show up. the peeps were interactive and we had a blast (as we sucked on lollipops). And then there was the Meat and Greet (Snicker) with the male models last night. I’ll post pictures when we return. Love you guys soooo much! Mama Bree”

Anya Kelleye
“So glad everyone had a wonderful time and all were willing to help out if needed, even the non volunteers. So glad I got to see everyone again!!”
Mystique Ulibarri
“Love you Cherry Hinkle! I have to also thank my Aunt Kayelle Allen for the awesome experience and opportunity to attend the RNC! I really met some incredible women! I learned so much and had an excellent time! Also want to say it was really nice meeting Michael Newkirk and his girlfriend Jamie Lynn New. I am looking forward to working with you both!!”
Kayelle Allen
“Setting up my table for the Romance Novel Convention. I had no print books there. I will next year. My sister Cherry Hinkle and niece Mystique Maldonado did the layout for me. I helped and talked to people. Great experience.”

“Thank you, Jimmy. It was an honor and a pleasure. I made new friends and learned so much. One of the best conventions I’ve attended.”

Megan Duncan
“I just wanted to thank my amazing friends and family who came out to the convention yesterday to support me. I love each and every one of you, and I’m so grateful I have you in my life.”
Gwen Steel
“RNC2015 is over and I had a blast for my 50th Birthday!”
Tara Rose
“Well I made it home! I’m here at last snuggling with my babies and kitties heart emoticon What a convention, from start to finish where else could you laugh until you cry and crack a few ribs in between? Where else could you find so many amazing people under one roof? That’s right RNC knocked the socks off AGAIN. Right from the get go everyone was absolutely amazing, the volunteers were unreal with their hard work and dedication to making everything happen.” “Not forgetting the man who brought us all together and made memories that will forever last us all a life time Jimmy Thomas forever grateful for what ye had envisaged to help bring the author world together and to share and learn. You continue to inspire so many. The classes were fantastic and informative, the meals were always fun and lively. The nighttime events were spectacular and kudos to all who helped bring each night together. Thank ye, thank ye, thank ye! Amazing, incredible and “Is it time yet?” Not to forget “Chocolate Chips and Who who dillies!”
Katie Salidas
“Either this convention is hot or the place is on fire. The alarm has gone off twice now.”
Rachelle Chase
“Compliments of Jimmy Thomas and ‪#‎RNC2015‬, a group of us went to see Mo5aic at Bally’s. Watch the whole video and be amazed. No instruments are used – these guys do EVERYTHING with their voices!”
Alexia Purdy
“I won a unicorn piggie! PLUS some awesome swag, goodies and a book!”
Steph C Brentson
“I can’t tell you all how much fun I have had in Vegas at ‪#‎RNC2015‬. So sad to leave you all. I’ll add more photos from my camera when I get home. Those who are traveling to today have a safe fly/drive home. I love seeing all the pictures. Muah till the next family reunion! Lol ;)”
Eryn Black
“Had a wonderful panel discussion with Linda Rae Sande and Kayelle Allen this morning. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such talented people.”
Linda Rae Sande
“Now here’s some eye candy from ‪#‎RNConvention‬ in Vegas. We’re having a great book signing!”
Leo Taylor
“Terri Woods at the RNC conference in Vegas. I admire the woman’s passion. And Caleb Friend I got an autographed book of hers for your kids. Its a cute children’s story. Pics from RNC 2015. It was a great conference…”

“;) It was great meeting you. I hope you had as much fun as I did.”

Tara Rose
“Well the suitcase if finally empty and ‪#‎RNCVEGAS‬ is over for 2015 all I can say is WOW and WOW again so many amazing authors and talented and creative artists galore all under the one roof in ‪#‎Harrahs‬ and wasn’t that hotel something special! I found myself mystified and appreciative of so many who came together to learn, laugh and do it all over again because it’s what we create together as one that ultimately sets all our spirits free…”
Caren Davis
“The Sinners & Saints Costume Ball at RNC was a blast!!!”
Vikkas Bhardwaj
“At JIMMY Thomas convention las vegas. Beautiful people. Great energy. Thank you to Taabia for handling It all In such a gracious and kind manner. I appreciate you all and Jimmy you are the true Hero. Thank you bud for guiding and opening my mind to diff dimensions. How can I forget my brother from another mother Billy Thomas, thank you for being by my side and you to shelley. You are all my Extended Family. Each and every one of you. To the authors: thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you”
Rosemary Angelus
“Had a blast at RNC! Can’t believe I met so many amazing people!”
Doug Miles
“Thanks to Jimmy Thomas, Bruce Heinsius, all the volunteers, and all the presenters for making Romance Novel Convention 2015 so educational, and such a good time! Thanks to all you ladies who attended my classes. I enjoyed sharing with you! There were too many great people there to mention them all! ‪#‎RNCVEGAS‬”
L.M. Pruitt
“Raffle basket for Romance Novel Convention 2015 done! Now to get my house and myself ready!”
Michelle Legare
“It was my pleasure, to be involved in the Romance Novelist Convention. All of you have my deepest respect and admiration. Please continue to enjoy and thrive within the realm of your avocations. Dream the fools dream, and step out into the unknown with sure steps and a smile of anticipation. *hugs*”
Taabia Dupree
“I can’t believe its going on two weeks already since ‪#‎RNCVEGAS‬. I’m still catching up on post and pictures from the event. Fond memories, and memorable faces are fresh in my mind. One in particular is the Saints and Sinners Ball hosted by Gwen Steel and Tara Rose. It was the night of the Introverts. So many quiet ones were on the dance floor, strutting their stuff lol. Mask or costume, not sure what brought out the extrovert characteristics, it didn’t matter, the night was made for those of us who rarely jump at an opportunity to be center of attention. Case in point, Khalessi. Games of Thrones Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen. Author Julianna Douglas rocked as the beautiful queen, and unbeknownst to her, many wanted to know, “Who was that woman?” Great reviews on her and her costume. How fun was it for me to discover her blog post about that night, and about her adventurous RNCon week. Take a few minutes out to read enjoyable blog postings that will make you smile. I particularly liked reading about her connections she’d made. I have to say, I saw lots of new friend’s connections happen.”
Renee Waring
“This was posted earlier today by an amazing author/friend who has attended and been a volunteer at the RNConvention for the past two years. I am sharing it with her permission. If you’ve been wondering if attending this convention would be ‘worth it’, read her post. What Jimmy Thomas does for our authors is unprecedented. He does not do this year after year for the money, or to gain more popularity for himself, he does it for the authors, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow, and bring the very best experience to their readers that they can. It is an amazing week of sharing ideas, learning, and making lifelong friends.”

Taabia Dupree
“There are so many people I wish could make this conference, in 2016. Just once to be able to experience the buzzing atmosphere.

Behind the scenes we work hard to help Jimmy to bring to light his vision for the Indies industry. It’s not easy, the man is a visionary. When someone can see a future for a group of individuals, and tries to direct and orchestrate what he sees, it’s a difficult task because many in this industry do not have that much confidence in themselves, as he does for them. He has a plan, and everything about it, is selfless. We behind the scenes, we get to see it, and sometimes it’s crazy busy, but when we are packing up, and all is said and done, we look back and smile. It’s one of the biggest natural highs you could experience when working with a group of people who are in it to help work magic, and do selfless acts. An amazing experience!

If you were to make it to any of Jimmy’s RNConventions, you would get to meet Indies in this business who are looking for the next best thing that will help them get ahead on their journey to success.

The workshop teachers, they bring it! They come with knowledge and information you walk away with thinking you have a folder full of gold nuggets. So much information to process, but you are so excited you can’t wait to see what you can do with the information you just received.

You also get to meet others just like yourself! There are readers, bloggers, reviewers, potential writers, and published authors, just to name a few.

Some of the best moments are when you squeeeee, because you meet one of your favorite authors, or meet up with one of your friends you created a bond with on Facebook, and have yet to talk to them face to face.

If I had a plane to fill with those wishful attendees, I sure would fill it up with those who are interested in meeting people in this industry that are here to help you succeed. Romance Novel Convention, is the place to go. We now have many of those past attendees who came that were once the want-to-be writers, and now are published authors. I am so proud to be apart of this family, and wish that everyone will have the opportunity one day to come and connect with Jimmy, and others who see what this industry really does have to offer.”

Angela Aaron
“Didn’t Taabia Dupree say it elegantly? I had so much fun meeting other authors and attending classes. The info I gained was priceless as were the friendships I made. Jimmy Thomas is awesome for giving us this opportunity! Now we just need get JT to join us at other signings to show everyone what a cool guy he is.”
Julianna Douglas
Romance Novel Convention 2015 — Day 1
Well, I’m safely back home in Phoenix after spending an exciting week in Las Vegas, attending Romance Novel Convention 2015. This has been my favorite RNCon so far. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had there and how many amazing memories I’ve brought home with me to cherish, but I’m going to try, starting with Day 1.

I was so excited and wound up, I couldn’t go to sleep on Tuesday night. When that wake-up call came at 6:30 a.m. the next morning, I’d only gotten about four hours of sleep, which is half what I normally try to get. I was so tired and grumpy, I briefly toyed with the idea of staying in bed a while longer and skipping breakfast, but I’m so glad I didn’t because I might have missed out on meeting a wonderful person.

The hubs and I went down to the dining hall, and after gathering our food from the buffet, we headed for a table where only one woman was sitting. I asked if we could join her, and she was quite eager for the
company. I instantly sensed a kindred spirit, but being the shy, cautious person that I am, I decided to feel her out a bit more throughout the meal. By the time we’d finished eating, I’d discovered it was her first time at RNCon and that she was attending alone, so I asked if she’d like to hang out together, an offer she gladly accepted. This was the beginning of what I think will be a life-long and serendipitous friendship with JossiLynn. We felt an immediate connection that only grew throughout the days we kept each other company. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I don’t make friends easily and things like this rarely ever happen to me, so I was amazed to find someone I could relate to so well, so effortlessly, and so quickly.

That afternoon, my hubby, Doug, taught his class What You Need to Know to Talk to a Web Designer, which I attended to show my support. After that, we both went to Courage Knight’s class on Achieving Your Own Happily Ever After, in which she imparted relationship wisdom gleaned from thirty-five years of marriage. I particularly liked her handout 100 Dates to Make with Your Spouse. I’m looking forward to trying out some of those ideas. To round out the afternoon, JossiLynn, Doug, and I went to our wonderful host, Jimmy Thomas’ Meet and Greet. The four of us enjoyed a lovely relaxed talk before others came to meet with Jimmy, something which rarely happens as he’s usually so busy. JossiLynn and I were also able to give him the gifts we’d brought and take photos too.

At dinner that night, imagine my surprise when I met yet another lovely person with whom I hope to share a long friendship. Much like that morning, when we met JossiLynn, Doug and I headed for a table where just one couple was sitting. Soon we struck up a conversation, and another kinship was born with Natalie Wilson and her husband, Will, who also happens to be a tech guy just like my hubs. Throughout the days to come, we shared lots of fun and laughter with them.

Finally, that evening, JossiLynn and I attended the Kick-Off Party, where we had a very enjoyable time. While neither of us were much for dancing that night, we did get to chat it up with three of our four handsome RNCasanovas: Paul Gunn, Michael Newkirk, and Zack Williams. We also discovered, quite by accident, that apparently leaving me alone at a table was a good way to attract male attention.;-) Again, this is something that never happens to me, so I was incredibly flattered. It made JossiLynn immensely happy too, since she’s still looking for Mr. Right.:-) Anyway, I have no idea how I made it through the day on so little sleep (I must have been riding an endorphin high), but it was so totally worth it.”

Romance Novel Convention 2015 — Day 2
Even though every day was a great day, I would have to say that Day 2 of RNCon 2015 was my favorite. It certainly helped that I was much more well-rested to begin the day. I kicked things off by going to Randi Alexander and Jackson Young’s class “Public Speaking Made Easy.” For a while now, it’s been in the back of mind that I’d like to teach a class of my own at RNC, but like many people, I’m terrified of public speaking. In fact, I came very close to participating in a panel discussion this year, but it was canceled due to no one else signing up to present with me (I can’t really argue that one person doesn’t make a panel.:-)). Anyway, given the relief I felt when I saw it was dropped from the schedule, I figured if I ever have any hope of making my aspirations of speaking a reality, I’d better learn something about it, hopefully how to control my nerves.

I was pretty nervous merely about attending the class because it had been billed as “interactive.” As it turned out, I found myself instantly as ease with Randi and Jackson’s presentation style. They were incredibly funny but also extremely informative. I learned a lot, and while I still don’t know if I’m quite ready to make my debut as a speaker yet, I’m at least armed with some good information that will help me toward that goal. Oh yeah, and Jackson nicknamed me “Shy Girl,” a moniker that stuck for the entire conference. I honestly don’t think he ever learned my real name (or pen name as the case may be), which turned into a really funny moment on Day 4 that I’ll write about later.:-)

From there, I went to Lunch, during which our speakers were HRM King Timothy and The Crown Princess Samantha of Shilo and The Grand Duke Travis McHenry of Westarctica. I got to learn all about micro-nationalism, which as it turns out was quite fun and interesting. Having briefly been a member of both the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and the Celtic Living History Foundation many years ago and a huge fan of Renaissance Faires, micro-nationalism kind of reminds me of both, just in a slightly different way. After that, I went to the class, “Understanding the Amazon Algorithm” taught by Bethany Burke, CEO of Blushing Books. While Amazon’s algorithm is still largely enigmatic, I did learn many tidbits of useful information. Bethany also very graciously answered my questions after class about how Amazon categories work, something that will be invaluable to me in my future publishing efforts.

I took more than an hour break after that, before heading out to the Aveda Institute for an appointment to get my make-up done for that night’s costume ball. I quickly figured out that I should have left the hotel a lot sooner, because things started going awry in rapid succession. I forgot how to get into the parking garage. Once I found the entrance, I thought I might pass out after rapidly climbing the stairs to the fifth floor, in heels, in 100 plus degree heat. Luckily I didn’t, but then I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the winding streets behind the hotel and back out onto The Strip. It took me fifteen minutes just to accomplish that, which only left me about fifteen minutes to make it to my appointment in heavy traffic. I thought I would call to let them know I was running late, only to realize I’d left my cell phone in my hotel room. Ugh! Well, thankfully, I finally made it to Aveda, and they graciously said they’d still take me. At last, I was able to relax and enjoy being pampered by my talented make-up artist, Annalise (I hope I’m spelling her name correctly). All the make-up girls were big fans of Game of Thrones, so they were really excited about me dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen from the show.

I can’t thank Annalise enough for the beautiful make-up and all the people at Aveda Institute for being so nice and making my experience there a lovely one. If I’m ever in need of beauty services when I’m visiting Las Vegas again, I’ll definitely call them first. In fact, maybe I’ll make a point of going there to pamper myself next year. Many thanks to Annalise at the Aveda Institute for doing a great job with my make-up. Even Drogon had a smile for the camera.:-)

I made it back to the hotel just in time for the start of the Sinners & Saints Costume Ball put together by Tara Rose and Gwen Steel, two very lovely ladies. I’m not one who likes to draw attention to myself, so I was kind of nervous about the costume I’d chosen. When I picked it, I was only thinking in terms of how much I love Game of Thrones and the character of Daenerys, not really considering the popularity of the show. When it arrived, I tried it on and immediately asked myself, “What were you thinking?” I shouldn’t have worried though, because it turned out to be an incredible night. I did get a lot of compliments on the costume, but not to the point of making me feel uncomfortable or anything. In fact, a few people didn’t even recognize me at first. I ended up having a blast pretending to be someone else for a while. JossiLynn, who was dressed as a Catholic school girl, and I, both entered the costume contest as Saints. I was slightly terrified to promenade across the dance floor, not only because I would momentarily be the center of attention but also because I wasn’t wearing my glasses and couldn’t see a darn thing. Up until then, I’d either been sitting at a table or JossiLynn had been leading me around like a blind person.:-) Anyway, I made it without mishap, but not without startling a couple of people with my dragon (but he’s so cute!;-)). No, I didn’t win, and I honestly didn’t care. It was simply fun to be there and participate. Me and RNCasanova Paul Gunn. My queenly self enjoyed sitting on the “throne” that was set up for the Royals. Paul said he should have dressed as Khal Drogo to match me.:-) (Thanks to Leo Charles Taylor for snapping this picture.)

The evening wrapped with RNCasanova Zack Williams asking me to share the last dance. I never dance so I warned him I wasn’t very good at it, but he was incredibly patient with my two left feet. I spent most of the dance concentrating really hard on not stepping on his toes too much, but when he dipped me (which he thankfully warned me of in advance), I just relaxed into it and trusted him not to drop me. He definitely didn’t let me down, so many thanks to Zack for another memorable highlight of my evening. The last thing JossiLynn and I did was have our pictures taken in our costumes with Jimmy. I forgot to bring my camera down with me, and my phone camera wasn’t working. Our wonderful event photographer, Bruce Heinsius, snapped those pics, as well as some of me and Zack that I hope I’ll be able to share at a later date. That’s all for my very full Day 2, but I have lots more stories to share so check
back soon.”

Romance Novel Convention 2015 — Day 3
Day 3 of Romance Novel Convention started out much like Day 1, in an exhausted blur. Maybe I was on too much of a high after the previous night’s costume ball, but I woke in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. As a consequence, I was running on about five hours of sleep, but somehow I got my butt out of bed and made it down to the first class period of the day at 9 a.m.

I attended classes all morning, starting with Fiona Jayde’s “Get Yourself Covered: A Pre-Launch Strategy.” Since I’m about to launch a brand new book in my Loving Hearts series this month, I thought this would be a good class to take, and I definitely learned some important things from it. Next, I went to the panel discussion, “Developing a Series and Creating Your World Inside It,” where I got some good tips that will hopefully help me with a couple of paranormal series ideas I have. To round out the morning, I attended Randi Alexander and Jackson Young’s class, “Branding Brainstorming.” There I got some new ideas for building my author brand.

When I got out of class, my hubby was waiting for me, and imagine my surprise when he told me we, along with Jossilynn and Natalie and her husband, Will, were all invited to the Male Model Muncheon. This was a special event for the first fifty registered attendees only. Of course, our wonderful host, Jimmy Thomas, was there, along with his brother, Billy Thomas, Julian Mora, David Nicholl, Winsor Harmon, and RNCasanova, Paul Gunn, so we ladies had some lovely man-candy to ogle while enjoying a delicious meal of salad, rolls, herb-roasted chicken and potatoes. Then we had a decadent dessert of chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Yum!!

After that I decided to goof off for a while. The hubs and I spent some time in our room and then shared a nice conversation with JossiLynn, Natalie, and Will, as well as with author, Jet Arnett, another lovely lady I met at RNC, and her husband. Later, I went to Randi and Jackson’s Meet and Greet, where I learned more about how they started working together, as well as Jackson’s country music career and his relatively new endeavor Mini-Movies Book Trailers. There was some lively conversation and Jackson signed photos for all of us. Of course, he signed mine to “Shy Girl.” He was also gracious enough after everyone else had left to answer some questions I had about a music-related dream I have for the next book I’m planning to write.

Natalie and Will got reservations for us at Toby Keith’s Restaurant inside the hotel, so around 6 p.m. we met up with them and JossiLynn there for an amazing dinner. I had the Honey Barbecue Salmon with baked potato and Southern green beans, all of which were quite delicious. But what I enjoyed most of all was the camaraderie, conversation, and laughter we all shared that evening. I’m still marveling at how easily we all connected. In fact, we were all enjoying ourselves so much, our waiter had to ask us to leave when we were finished, because they needed the table for other customers.;-)

That night, we were supposed to get a Night Out in Vegas courtesy of RNC. Feeling unmotivated to travel anywhere, we all chose to go to the Improv there at Harrah’s, but due to a miscommunication on my part (I didn’t see Jimmy’s text until the next night – Oops!), the employees at the box office didn’t know what we were talking about when we arrived at the comedy club. All of us were pretty exhausted though, so none of us could be bothered to care, especially me. After two sleep deprived nights and extroverting more than I probably ever have in my life, I was half-tempted to bail even if we had figured it out. We decided to call it an early night, so JossiLynn could make her flight home the next day and Natalie and I would be well-rested for the upcoming book fair the next day. More on that in my next post.:-)”

Romance Novel Convention 2015 — Day 4
Day 4 of Romance Novel Convention, well-rested, I was up bright and early (for me – hey at least I beat my hubby out of bed ;-)) and down in the convention hall around 8:30 a.m. to set up for the Book Fair & Festival. With JossiLynn already heading home, Natalie and I had requested seats together. We found our tables and got all our books and other paraphernalia set up just as some of the early bird readers were coming through the door. Normally, I tend to be rather nervous about book signings, but surprisingly, I settled in very quickly. I enjoyed talking with the book fair attendees as they stopped by, and I’m thankful for all the ones who took the time to let me tell them about my stories and even more grateful for those who bought my book. When I wasn’t busy with potential customers, I chatted it up with Natalie. We also listened to music provided by the 80z All Stars. They were a very talented musical group, and I loved their set list of almost all ’80s music. 80z All Stars Band who entertained us with great music during the Book Fair.

Me and bodybuilder/cover model, Billy Thomas. That banner behind us is one of his book covers (Taabia Dupree’s WolfsBlood). He’s also the brother of our host, Jimmy Thomas. My husband taught one of his classes that morning, but after he was finished, he came to give me a break. Then I was able to visit all the other authors, cover models, and other notable guests to chat a bit, collect swag, and get my swag bag signed. (Check back soon for an awesome giveaway I have planned.) The event lasted six hours, which I thought would be pretty long, but it flew by so fast, it was over before I knew it. I was having such a good time I almost didn’t want it to end, but I knew I’d have to rest up a bit before the evening’s activities.

After dinner, we had a fun and risqué Murder Mystery Theater, starring Jackson Young, David Nicholl, Hudsy Hawn, who leads a double life as a singer (she’s incredibly good) and a dominatrix (um… can’t speak to her talents there ;-)), a couple of her domme associates, and several of our wonderful RNC volunteers who were pinch hitting. They all did a great job. I was ROTFL laughing at David’s portrayal of the gay club owner. We had ballots on our tables to mark who we thought was the killer. I never seem to be able to pick the right person when reading or watching mysteries, so I was shocked that I got it right. After collecting the ballots, they did an audience hand clap to see who everyone thought it was, and the majority of people picked Jackson’s character (it was Hudsy’s).

After tabulating the ballots, Hudsy was going to give away six tote bags full of naughty, naughty sex toys. Based on that earlier hand clap, I thought there was a better than average chance that I’d be one of the winners. Jackson Young acted as the emcee announcing the names of the winners. Well, sure enough, mine was the last name he called. After our interactions for the past four days, I couldn’t help wondering what he was going to think about it being me, and I got my answer as soon as I was close enough to the stage for him to see me. His eyes got really big, and he said incredulously, “Shy Girl?!” I have no idea what got into me, but I gave him a big smile, nodded my head, and collected my prize, as cool as a cucumber and loving every minute of it. That look on his face is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget, so many thanks to Jackson for giving me another priceless memory.

The prize package I won, courtesy of Hudsy Hawn, for correctly picking her as the “murderer.” Hmm… whatever shall I do with all these naughty things.;-) I love that black feather rose. I collect unique roses, so like Hudsy, it can lead a double life as both a teaser and part of my rose collection.

After that, Sean Kanan performed a brief stand-up comedy routine. While we didn’t have an organized RNCasanova show this year, the guys did get up on stage and talk about themselves a little, as well as give us a bit of ad libbed entertainment. In the end, David came out and named them all winners. I had so much fun on Day 4, it was probably my second favorite day there. I still have one more day write about though, so check back soon.:-)”

Romance Novel Convention 2015 — Day 5
The final day of RNCon was my kick back and relax time. No classes I was planning to take, nothing special to do, just a day where I was able to simply get up, go down the convention hall, and see where the day took me. I was so happy to finally turn in my strappy heels for sneakers (my feet still ached for a few days after) and my business casual attire for jeans and a t-shirt.

My hubs did have a class to teach that afternoon, so we went down to lunch early. There weren’t a lot of people in the dining hall at that point, just enough to fill one table. The food wasn’t set out on the buffet yet, so we pulled up chairs and joined them for a little relaxed conversation. Natalie and Will were there, but we also got to chat a bit with some other people we’d seen around but hadn’t really had the opportunity to talk with before that. Finally the servers started bringing out our food, and when we heard we were getting pizza for lunch, everyone cheered.:-)

After lunch, my hubby went off to his class, while I joined Natalie and Will over in the ballroom for the RNCasanova photo shoot. For the next couple of hours, we sat there shooting the breeze with each other and some of the other attendees who were still there, while enjoying the hunky men posing for photos (at least Natalie and I were enjoying it; Will maybe not so much;-)) Eventually my husband joined us, and while he was there, we got to meet model and Bollywood actor, Vikkas Bhardwaj. I only wish we’d had a little more time to get to know him; he seemed like a really nice guy. I did however, get a photo with him, and we chatted for a few minutes with his newlywed sister, who showed us beautiful photos of her traditional Indian wedding.

Eventually, my husband and Will took off elsewhere, but Natalie and I stayed a while longer. I got one last photo with three of our RNCasanovas: Michael, Zack, and Orestis, then said my farewell to Jimmy.

That evening, Natalie, Will, Doug, and I went out to dinner at Flavors Buffet in the hotel. There was way more scrumptious-looking food at that buffet than I ever could’ve hoped to eat. The desserts alone seemed to stretch for miles. Oh, if only my stomach were bigger! Sadly, I had to rein myself in. But thankfully I didn’t have to rein in the conversation. We had a great time with Natalie and Will, not just that night, but throughout the entire conference. I hated to see it end. One of the best things about conferences like this is the opportunity to make connections with new people you might not have met otherwise. But the bad thing is that I and my new friends are now spread out all over the country. I have faith, though, that we’ll be able to keep in touch via email and Facebook and hopefully meet up again at a future RNCon. One last photo of me and the guys (From left to right: Orestis Papapetrou, Michael Newkirk, Zack Williams).

I can’t thank Jimmy Thomas and all the wonderful RNCon volunteers enough for making this a fun and enjoyable place to come every year. But more than that for creating a place where I can learn, grow, change, and spread my wings and fly. Every RNCon has been great for me, but this year’s event was particularly magical and I know I’m not the only who felt that way. In this place, I’ve found a rare sense of family and belonging, a place where I’m accepted for just being me, and that’s something that is priceless to me. I’m already saving up my pennies and making plans to return next year, because I can’t wait to see my romance family again. You guys rock!

While this may be the end of my personal adventures at RNCon 2015, this isn’t the end of the RNC fun. If they’re still game, I’m planning to bring you interviews with our hunky RNCasanovas as well as a great RNC prize package so keep checking back for more soon.