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Victoria Alexander NY Times/USA Today
Bestselling Author

Rebecca York NY Times/USA Today
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Angela Knight NY Times/USA Today
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Aliyah Burke USA Today
Bestselling Author

Jami Brumfield New York Times
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Lane Hart New York Times
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Melissa Stevens New York Times
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Jimmy Thomas
Founder & CEO of RNC (Romance Novel Covers, Romance Novel Center, Romance Novel Convention)
Most Published Cover Model (on 8,000+ covers), RNConvention Director, Host, Speaker & Mr. Casanova Judge
Recognized by thousands in the romance novel industry, not only for being on over 8,000 romance novel covers; more covers than anyone in history, but because Jimmy Thomas has helped open doors, increased author book sales, gained new clients for various fields, and educated many from authors to cover artists and those in-between, via live presentations at events around the country, to writing monthly columns in a romance novel review magazine.
Jimmy started his RNC businesses with the creation of the very first stock image website specific to the romance novel industry (, filled with images from photo shoots that he produces, directs, styles and models in, to personally selecting all the images, cleaning, editing, cropping and uploading them.
Those purchasing his images vary from self-publishing authors, cover artists, small digital press publishers, to large traditional, mass-market publishers like Harlequin and Avon
… to New York Times and USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Authors
… from Historical genre images to create covers of Medieval; Vikings
…Western to the Roaring 20’s
… to Contemporaries of Intrigue and Suspense of Mercenary
…Detective and Military
… and Interracial.
From Paranormal of Dragons, Angels and Evil
… to Demons and the dead
… and Pirates.
To Fantasy
… outer space, the Moon and Hell.
From Romantic
… Sensual
… and Sexy-Edgy
… to Erotica
… and Blindfold & bondage, for single titles
… to novel series of BDSM
… and the Mafia
… from website designs of Historicals
… to the Passionate.
Before Jimmy started his RNC businesses; RNC Stock Image Website (, RNC Profession Database, Networking Website ( and RNC 5-day/4-Night All-Inclusive, Annual Romance Novel Convention (, he had many other fulfilling careers, such as an Award Winning & Architectural Designer, where his works include some monumental projects; the first Platinum LEED Certified, carbon neutral, self-sustainable home in America (The Hi’ilani Eco House in Hawaii)
… as a Self-Defense & Kickboxing Instructor & Competitor, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer; freelance and for CBS Television Studios
… to modeling for various fitness magazines
… catalogs
… to retail ads for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Disney, Dillard’s and Sports Authority
… Hallmark cards, TV commercials and movies
… some cartoon drawings

… as well as the lead love interest in many music videos…
… which Jimmy Thomas has put all aside for his passion in his RNC businesses!

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