Keynote Speakers and NYT & USA Bestselling Authors

Victoria Alexander NY Times/USA Today
Bestselling Author

Rebecca York NY Times/USA Today
Bestselling Author

Angela Knight NY Times/USA Today
Bestselling Author

Aliyah Burke USA Today
Bestselling Author

Jami Brumfield New York Times
Bestselling Author

Lane Hart New York Times
Bestselling Author

Melissa Stevens New York Times
Bestselling Author

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Attending RNC2016 and/or Book Fair
If you are planning to attend the 2016 RNConvention and/or the RNC2016 Book Fair, please fill out the short form below so that your name and URL can be added to the 'Attending' list for all your fans and friends to see that you'll be attending.
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Authors: To give reward for paying your dues of hard work and long hours of learning and excelling in your craft, all New York Times and/or USA Today Bestselling Authors will have their 2016 RNConvention registration fee waived if they teach a class to share their knowledge (more than one class is preferred, but at least one is required). Don't wait until just before the convention as all time-slots for classes will be filled by then and the offer will no longer apply. Provide your class information here: Class Submission.

If you're not sure of the class you want to teach, or don't have your class description ready, but you know (or think) you want to teach a class, you can fill-out this form instead: I May Want to Teach a Class, so we can keep it in mind when making the schedule, and check back with you as time slots start filling up.

If you want to be an RNC2016 Panelist, you can fill-out this form: I'd Like to be a Panelist.

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It's unfortunate this has to be noted, but since it's been a pattern for the past few years, we want to make you aware of continual and intentional sabotage attempts by other romance convention directors, staff, and their blind-followers... Once your name is listed on the RNConvention 'Attending' page, you may be contacted by someone claiming to be a fan/reader of your books, noticed you are attending the 2016 RNConvention, and then start their backhanded compliments of wishing so much to meet you there, but they've heard this and that about this convention, etc., hoping you'll choose to go to their convention instead. For RNC2015 we linked everyone's Facebook page to their name on the 'Attending' page, which gave those cyber-bullies easy access to contact them (which they did). So for RNC2016, to help prevent you from being bothered by these bullies, and to help advertise you and your books, we're linking author's names on the 'Attending' page, to their Amazon pages instead. We're informing you of this as we don't want you to be misled and lose out on attending a great, educational, fun convention (Resources, Networking, Camaraderie), that so many others have loved and benefited from!