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Anne Perry

Anne Perry
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Born in Blackheath, London England in 1938, Anne Perry, a prolific author of Victorian crime fiction, lived most of her life in the Scottish Highlands. Spending her earliest years moving around a bit during, and immediately after, the war, at aged six Anne was severely ill, so much that the doctor told her mother he would be back in the morning to sign her death certificate. She survived, but health problems continued to plague her throughout her growing years

While Anne had various jobs throughout her earlier life, there was never anything she seriously wished to do except write. She was in her late twenties, however, before she started putting together the first semblance of a book. And it wasn’t until her late thirties that a book of hers was accepted for publication.

Anne then began writing mysteries set in Victorian London on a suggestion from her stepfather as to who Jack the Ripper might have been. ‘The Cater Street Hangman’ was her first to be accepted for publication and came out in 1979. Her works generally fall into one of several categories of genre fiction, including historical murder mysteries and detective fiction, with many of them featuring a number of recurring characters.

Anne won an Edgar award in 2000 with her short story “Heroes”, part of her five-book series set during the First World War. None of her books have ever been out of print, and they have received critical acclaim and huge popular success with over 26 million books currently in print world-wide. Her books have appeared on bestseller lists in a number of foreign countries, and the 1994 film ‘Heavenly Creatures’ was based on Anne’s childhood, and played by Kate Winslet.

Anne Perry is the international bestselling author of two acclaimed series set in Victorian England; the ‘Thomas Pitt’ series, published in 1979, and the ‘William Monk’ series that she started in 1990. She is also a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who is noted for her memorable characters, historical accuracy and exploration of social and ethical issues. She was selected by The Times as one of the twentieth century’s ‘100 Masters of Crime’. Her Thomas Pitt character features in one of the longest sustained series by a living writer, with 29 titles to date.

In total, Anne has published more than 75 novels, translated into 14 languages, and continues to write three books a year to enormous critical acclaim. She is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA while a major motion picture is being made from her Thomas Pitt characters and is developing a TV series for another of her series.

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